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the local SEO video course with live examples

recently updated for 2024

Rank higher in Google and Google Maps with this video course

What's inside?

βœ… The complete course for ranking local businesses higher in Google with local SEO.
βœ… Techniques used in agencies for getting #1 rankings.
βœ… Live sites ranking at position #1 deconstructed and explained by Adam.
βœ… Techniques you won't see anywhere else.
βœ… Easy-to-follow videos.
βœ… Copy-and-paste worksheets.

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Join over 70,090 marketers who have learned from Adam Clarke, from companies like...

Ranking high in Google has never been this easy

Struggling to get to the top of Google's local search results? Look no further, because this course, for business owners and SEO professionals, covers everything you need for higher rankings.

With easy-to-follow videos, worksheets, and Adam's expert guidance, you'll learn the latest local SEO techniques to improve your Google rankings. Whether you're starting or looking to level up your SEO skills, this course covers it all.

This course is designed for results.

This course was designed for getting results. The techniques have been battle-tested in successful campaigns by Adam's high performance search agencies. Countless top rankings have been achieved with the techniques in this course.

And it’s designed for getting traffic and enquiries.

In the end of the day, small businesses are entirely dependant on actual results. This course isn’t just about improving vanity metrics like rankings positions or pageviews, it’ll drive traffic and enquiries to your website.

It features live examples.

We learn by example, not Powerpoint slides. In this course, Adam deconstructs and breaks down live websites ranking at position #1 and explains how they got there. Then you can apply the knowledge in your projects.

And practical worksheets

You get the same worksheets and processes Adam uses in his campaigns, and now you can apply them to your projects. If you run an agency, they are very "white-lableable". Perfect for adding your own branding or handing over to team members.

So what do I get?

βœ… The complete course to rank higher, get more traffic, and more enquiries.
βœ… Expert instruction from the #1 best-selling SEO author, Adam Clarke.
βœ… Step-by-step videos you can stream in your browser or download.
βœ… Worksheets to follow along and implement the strategies.
βœ… The same processes Adam uses in his local SEO campaigns.
βœ… Access and updates for life.

And what does it cover?

πŸ“Š Google's local search algorithm
Google's local search algorithm explained with live examples.

πŸ₯‡ Local SEO competitive strategy.
The strategy for engineering local SEO campaigns that beat local competitors.

🚦 Keyword research.
How to find keywords for easy #1 rankings and traffic, and how to target difficult ones.

πŸ’» How to optimize your website.
Step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your website and your Google Business Profile.

πŸ”— How to build backlinks and citations.
How to build backlinks and citations and authoritative sources you can use immediately.

πŸ‘· How to hire a team to help.
How to hire marketing assistants, web developers and writers, to automate the entire process.

🀫 Psstβ€”it also includes six other modules, but I'm keeping those a secret.

Recently updated for 2024

πŸ”¬ Google's newest local SEO factors.
The latest on Google's algorithm for local listings.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Schema markup.
Schema markup and how to install it on your site.

πŸ€– AI content.
We'll bring you up to speed on AI content.

We've updated the course in March 2024, so you're getting the latest techniques and knowledge.

About your teacher

Adam Clarke is the #1 best selling SEO author and an SEO director for 10-years. Adam Clarke has founded two successful SEO agencies and has achieved thousands of #1 rankings in Google.

Adam's work is available at

Frequently asked Questions

Who is it for?
Local business owners, agency owners, and SEO professionals. If you need better performance in Google's local results it's designed for you. I have a wide audience on my courses so I present everything in a simple language anybody could understand.

What if I don't like it?
If you're not happy, I'm not happy. Just contact support and you can have a full refund up to 14-days from your purchase.

I'm not very technical, is it for me?
The entire course is delivered in Adam Clarke's trademarked No B.S. style, delivered in plain English, with random Dad jokes peppered in for good measure. If you can use a computer, you'll understand it.

I'm highly experienced, is it for me?
If you're stuck halfway down the first page or second page of the results, this will help. If you're consistently getting #1 rankings already, then no, you literally can't get a better result than that. 

Can I use this in my agency?
Absolutely. All the processes and worksheets are "white-labelable". You can put your own branding on them and use them with your team.

Does this just cover the same content in the book?
The content in the book is like a general introduction. This goes much deeper with lots of practical examples.

#1 rankings, really?
Seriously. Anyone can get #1 rankings. People do it all the time. Just look at the search results. Those people are there. But not by accident. In this course, you learn from an SEO director with 15-years experience that does this stuff every day. But of course, it takes work and entirely depends on how diligently you apply the strategies and techniques in the course.

How is the course delivered?
You get instant access to the course immediately after payment. You can watch all the videos in your browser and download all the worksheets immediately.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not happy for any reason, I'll give you your money back. If you have any issues at all over the next 14-days, just reach out and I'll happily issue a refund. Happiness is guaranteed on my courses.

Join over 70,090 marketers who rely on Adam's techniques

Exactly what I needed!
Packed with so much more information than I ever knew I needed. Absolutely critical for the success of your business.


Truly detailed guide.
If there's one feature that sets this apart it is the level of detail. It is truly detailed in covering all of the areas you need to understand to rank at the top of the search results. Don't let this get into the hands of your competitors.

Excellent Source of Information
It was easy to understand. It felt like it covered the topic in a comprehensive manner without rambling. Definitely would recommend.

Everything You Need to Know About SEO!
You’ll get everything you need to go from ranking at page-5 to page-1 in no time. I learned a lot from this and I'm ready to jump in and get my website to a number one ranking. It definitely can be done and now I feel confident I can do it thanks to this.

Ultimate SEO
It provides knowledge that you don't get anywhere else. Goes from the basics to the more complex topics, so I consider this as valuable to a beginner as well as for a professional. Loved it.

What are you waiting for? Join the course already.

This is a limited release course. I only open this course once or twice per year. I limit the amount of students on my courses because I don't want the techniques used too much. I do this so the techniques stay effective (and secret). It will genuinely close in a few days and then it won't be available.

course is closed

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