GDPR Privacy and Data Protection Policy

GDPR Policy – we take user privacy and user data protection seriously.

Updated June 25, 2018

1. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency.

User privacy is taken seriously and this policy outlines our approach to protect user privacy, handle and process user information securely and transparently. If you have any requests, or wish to have data removed or edited, you can contact us with the details at the bottom of this policy.

2. Purpose limitation.

We don’t accept or store any user information for purposes other than what is displayed or advertised on this website. We don’t store or share any personal user information with any external parties or organisations, except when explicitly needed to fulfill the purposes clearly displayed on this website and to users. Use of any personal information submitted on this website is limited to the express purposes displayed on this website.

3. Data minimisation.

We’ve limited all data collected as much as possible. Some data is collected by industry standard software, such as IP addresses in web hosting log files, user behavior information in web analytics software, this cannot be avoided given currenty technology limitations. Email addresses are stored securely by the mailing list software and protected by industry standard encryption, only after being voluntarily submitted to our newsletter, for future updates and communications as requested by users.

4. Accuracy.

Any data that is deemed inaccurate is deleted without delay. If you wish to modify or request personal data you can contact us at any time with the provided details, at which point we will endeavour to respond to your request in a timely fashion, with requests being processed within 2 business weeks.

5. Storage limitation.

We don’t collect personal data except when required to fulfill the purposes specified in this document. In the event that personal data is inadvertendly collected, all data is cleaned, deleted and not stored on our servers, on a rolling 90-day basis. Data that is voluntarily submitted to us, such as for a voluntary newsletter or to fulfill commercial products, is securely protected with industry standard entryption, with an appointed data protection officer, and having security measures constantly reviewed for improvement.

6. Integrity and confidentiality.

Any personal data is completely confidential and only used for the purposes specified in this document or when necessary to complete activities as explicitly requested by users. We do not rent, lease or give out personal data to third parties for commercial purposes. Any data that is voluntarily submitted, is kept on secure servers, with industry standard encryption, supervised by a data protection officer and having the security measures constantly reviewed and improved.

7. Accountability.

In case you have any questions at all on how data is collected and managed, feel free to contact us with the contact details provided in this document, and we’ll endeavour to get back to you in a reasonable timeframe. In the event you suspect any unlawful or unathorised handling of data, please contact us immediately.

Any future updates to this policy will be uploaded to the following address

8. Contact details.

Feel free to contact us with the following details if you have any questions or queries regarding user privacy, data protection and this policy. We endeavour to respond to all requests within 10-business days.

Contact details – online
Simple Effectiveness LLC

Contact details – physical address
Simple Effectiveness LLC
16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes
DE 19958, United States

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